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Cool Your Home Naturally With Eco Solar Vents.

5 Years Full Warranty!

Eco solar vents No Noise Motors! 

Also Available in 240 volts power to work day and night.

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More Powerful

With more power, we recommend one eco for around 250 square metres of roofing. so if your home is under 250 square metres you only need to install one unit. 

Thermostat Controlled

Solar vents are thermostat controlled to turn off in winter. Set at 26 degree

5 Year Warranty

The Eco solar vent comes with a 5 year full warranty including the motor. 

240 volts power back-up

Eco solar vents now come with a option to supply 240 volts power to work day and night

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The eco solar vent is now one of the leading brands of solar powered roof vents in Australia and has been selling for over 10 years..

Quality built out of steel, designed to never Leak and built to out last all the other brands. Eco has upgraded their solar vents over the years working on fixing the noise of the motor and fan blades, also adding a 240 volt power backup to run day or night and a remote control. All our solar fan’s come with a 5 year warranty on the solar panel and brush-less motor and will outperform all types of wind vents! 

Temperatures in your roof can reach up to 65 degrees during the summer months which creates a heat build-up causing your property to heat up throughout. installing a Eco solar vent, you will be removing all the hot air and replacing this with fresh air. 

Finally, Solar powered vents utilise clean and renewable energy from the sun. Reducing dependency on fossil fuels which helps with lowering carbon emissions. Once installed, Solar powered vents operate without enduring expensive electricity cost. This will help will saving you money on power bills in the long run.

Cool Your Home Naturally

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Five reasons to use Eco solar vents

We have over 25 years of experience in Roof Plumbing and Roof Ventilation. 

First, When it comes to roof ventilation we are the professionals with 25 years experience and a price and service that can’t be beaten! 

Eco Solar Vents can help assist you with your choice.

Also Eco solar vent is an all round winner with the Brush-less DC 24 volt Waterproof Motor and the patented 24 piece wind guide blade. No Noise Motor’s and Suited to all types of roofs.


When it comes to Solar Ventilation in Perth and Australia we offer a Full 5 year warranty on all solar roof ventilation products. 

Fully Insured.

Also we install in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne and only employ qualified roofing plumbers. We supply JSA for working at heights safety and a No Leak Guarantee!

Service History.

Finally, We have been selling for over 10 years with a quality and service that cant be beaten. We also supply replacement parts if needed. 

New Eco Advance Is Out September 2024

New Eco 240 Advance  comes with a remote control to switch on / off, set timer, adjust thermostat, humidity and fan speed.  

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The eco solar vents is the most advanced solar roof vent in Australia.

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Cool Your Industrial Roof 

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Eco solar vents Supplies and installs a full range of industrial ventilators and solar ventilation fans in Perth and Australia. We also supply only many Northern parts of Australia with our cyclone proof solar ventilation fans.

We will help remove the heat and create more air flow and a much more pleasant and working environment. The solar vents operates around 24 volts and will remove around 2805 cubic meters of air per hour!

The Eco solar vents works from the power of the sun or 240 volts power backup. The eco solar vent will still operate on a cloudy day and will also remove more air then a 600 mm industrial vent.

The benefit with the solar industrial ventilation is, on the hottest days in summer when there’s no wind, the solar powered roofing vents will still work at full speed.

ECO solar roof fans are perfect to remove fumes and reduce heat build up in factories and industrial workshops. also we also sell a 240 volt backup to run the fans throughout the night.

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Quality built, Reduce summer temperatures inside your roof, help the performance of insulation and reduce the cost of running your air-conditioning. .

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Call the experts in solar roof ventilation and solar ventilation fans!  

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10 Years of Product Reliability.

Qualified Tradesman.

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